A Distinguished League

Membership to the premier Imperial Golf Estate comes with its own entitlements. From a range of affiliations with other national and international golf courses, invitations to prestigious golfing tournaments and much more, your membership puts you in a distinguished league of extraordinary golfers with unparalleled privileges.

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A Premium Estate Developed by Professionals

Every aspect of this premium estate has been undertaken by experts in the field.

The Imperial Golf Estate has been promoted by Silverglades, in collaboration with the internationally renowned Brack Capital Real Estate. Moreover, the estate has been landscaped and designed by the talented team of golf course designers, agronomists and experts in course construction from the superlative Nicklaus Design and the club house and sports complex has been designed by ARCOP Associates, bearing the mark of international award-winning architect and urban planner, Ramesh Khosla.

From development and construction phases to the regular maintenance of the course, all aspects of the estate are under the care of experts, employing years of experience and state-of-the-art environment-friendly technologies, emphasising turf care and water conservation, rain water harvesting and the recycling of waste water.

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